Crazy Adventures To Expect On Your First Baby Steps In The Blogging World

Today, I have started out my own personal lifestyle blog.

And so far in my blogging experience, it has taught me one tinsy weensy thing.

Someone should’ve warned me about this. grr.

I shall then make my own heroine act to teach the little babies of the horrors of blogging. MEHEHEHE. kidding.

The Crazy Adventures you’ll have to take, okay? okay.

1. Creating THE BLOG NAME.


You scrounge and scrounge and scrounge for the best blog name. You go from to

Okay, maybe not that lame. But you get what I mean.

If you’re there, then hola! You’re on the first stage. *sneers *

This is the part where you’re SO SO not supposed to get wrong. ‘Cause once you got it, there’s nooo turning back.

So pick ’em right.

Do you wanna be elegant and classy? Fierce and Brave? Or do you wanna go funny and attractive?

Your choice.

Just first, Pick your theme. what’d you like to potray?

Second, Make it catchy and short.

2. Dressing your blog.


Oh, I doubt.

I doubt you’d be able to do that.

Just pick the first theme and you’re already good to go? Come on dude, your better than that.

Find that kick-ass theme you’d be so in love with at your first sight.

Try that theme you think is just so awful. I tell you, I hated this theme until I tried it. No theme was more suitable.

3. Writing the First Freakin’ Post.


Eek! Some of us could be like that whenever we’re too busy blogging. Admit it youuu.

But hey guys stop stressing it out. Let it flow.

Especially if you’re just starting out. You tried this out ’cause it’s supposed to be fun, remember?

Go ahead, make it fun fun fun. Stop stressing it out.

Oops, that’s my cue. Click that link yea, the pink one to go to my post on how to get your creative juices out.

Hey stop. Blogging is supposed to be fun, remember? That’s why I’m giving you the honor to do the long way and read that post instead of giving it all here. MEHEHEHE.

4. Having a Staring Contest with your Stats.


I know. I know. I still get stressed out with this at times!

Argh, you. You stat enemy. Come here and fight with your hands!

But again. We go to rule number one where Blogging is supposed to be fun. Eh? I didn’t told you about that yet? Oops.

So, get the hell out of those stat page and do something worthwhile.

Research on your next blog post topic. If that’s your style.

Write a whole lot of diamond-precious posts. I do not mean write a whole lot of 15 blog posts in one day. I did that once, and I’m telling you. IT KILLS THE FUN.

Just write out instead of keeping on peeping at that stats page. Or better yet, get out of that seat and have some fun OUTSIDE.

So there! Oh, oh. I should tell you the rule number two in blogging as well before I go from here.

Don’t stress it out. One pro blogger told me once not to use too much exclamation points. But A LOT more bloggers told me to be myself.

I still did stress out on the first blogger’s advice. Ugh, I should have known not to.

I’m simply just a too enthusiastic person not to use this! * giggles *

So at what stage are you already? Hope you’re lovin’ your crazy adventures newbies!

P.S. I’ve blogged on and off for the last whatever years. But I’ve just started really serious a few months ago. So the babies I’m referring to here are those who’ve literally just stepped foot or hasn’t stepped on the blogging world yet but are planning to.


13 responses to “Crazy Adventures To Expect On Your First Baby Steps In The Blogging World

  1. For someone who just started their blog, I must say you sound very experienced. Your blog is very organised! At least way more than mine was when I started out. Good job!
    By the way, choosing a theme is hard. Real hard. Someone needs to do a blog about that!


    • Thank you! I spent quite a lot of time with researching a lot of stuffs in which one of them ended up with what are the do’s and don’ts of blogging. But it surely helps to simply be who you are in the end. It was awful to try and conform with all those at first.
      That’s a great idea! Maybe someone have written one already. If not, I guess I could try that too sometime.


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