TRUTH: I’ve Got More Dreams In My All-Time Bucketlist Than The Amount of Money A Millionare Has


I’m such a lister. I’ve got more dreams than anyone could have. I think. Whatever, don’t argue.

It ranges from:

Travel Adventures


I wanna go to every continent. Yeap. Experience cruising. Travel in an airplane. I haven’t even tried one even though I’m at the age of 18 already. Yes, I haven’t.


to Achievements


Get a bachelor’s degree. Get featured in media. Publish a well known book.


to Creatives


Everything DIY. You’ve got ideas? Hit ’em up here please


to Daring Moves


Not really skydiving. Everybody has it on their list already. Like ugh. Come one, get some creativity, people!

I’m talking about creating unheard of random moves. And yes, I’m still thinking of one to do. Maybe something like going to a movie house alone. But BIGGER.


to Kindness & Voluntary


Start a Movement. yes. yes. yes. definitely.


to Random Stuffs


Create a sandcastle. Free Lanterns in the Sky on my birthday. Give myself my own birthday bash. Whatever. Those kind of stuffs.


See, I told you I have too much of them.

Thing is. I haven’t listed them all yet. Ha! I got you there. Thought I had it planned out yea?

But since I had it in my 18 while 18 to arrange my scattered biggie bucket list, I’ll do it for me. Not for you.

Nevertheless, this one here is my Ultra Mega Whatever-Else-It-Could-Be-Called-As-Awesome Goal.



And thank God I learned about making Bucket Lists.


‘Cause I’ve always been an overachiever. I want everything to be perfect, planned, laid down, & accomplished. And when I ended high school? I got lost in this big world. I used to think that ha! I could do that. I’ll prove them I could even though I’m freakin’ small. But then when there’s too much stuff you’re limited to and suddenly realized you can’t do it all, you get to feel so. so. low.

So knowing yourself and having that goals for yourself based on who you are and what you love are the ways to not get lost in this wide w i d e world.

In short, just get some freakin’ purpose in life. The right way


I think I have overloaded the pictures. Oops.

P.S. I’m also thinking of going visual with this bucket list I have. Like placing it in a jar and stuff. Got the idea right here.


20 responses to “TRUTH: I’ve Got More Dreams In My All-Time Bucketlist Than The Amount of Money A Millionare Has

  1. When we allow ourselves to dream, then envision ourselves in those dreams, we learn how to make them reality.

    I’m still working through my bucket-list. Just as you – mine is a long one. If I were to write it on parchment paper, make into a scroll, when unrolled for reading it would roll for miles and miles.

    Good luck to you on achieving all these adventures in your life! 🙂

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    • How true that really is! We’ll have to put this long list of ours on something that could be seen so that we could really accomplish them all, I guess.
      Good luck in yours too! ❤


      • That’s actually a great idea! I like art, creating it and all things art really…a mixed media journal would work really well for an idea like that. There could be pictures, plans and places to visit. It could be an all in one or one for all the things on the list, and another one for the ones accomplished! My creative mind is at work now. 🙂


      • Oh dear, I haven’t thought of doing that actually. I just know that I want to do it in some creative way. But that really sounds wonderful! I’m getting excited by just the thought of it. Hope you don’t mind me doing mine in that way as well!


      • Go for it! 🙂

        I’m in the middle of one mixed media journal at the moment, and know I won’t have time to put into another for quiet a while.

        Plus, I love just sharing ideas. We are all unique so, our end results, even using the same media will always be different and represent our own personalities.


      • I agree with you. We’ll all never have the same output anyway even if we were all given the same task. That’s adorable! I’m really glad to came across you. ❤

        And I've got a huge feeling that you're making a wonderful mixed media journal right now. Cause based on your words, you seem to be blessed with plenty of creative juices. 😀


      • I’m happy that we’ve met as well. I’m looking forward to following you and seeing all the different sides of the box. 😉

        Thank you for the compliment. Maybe one day I’ll share some of the pages from the journal on my blog.


  2. Hey you! That’s quite a list! It’s not bad having a long bucket list, just shows how adventurous and ambitious you really are. I love the pictures you have added. They really light up this post. Love, love it!


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