A Letter To My Fellow Young Filipinos

My Dear Fellow Young Filipinos,


Today, I am writing this for a prompt in a writing course that I have been joining for a few weeks now. It asked me to use the nearest book to me to use as a basis for this letter that I should be doing. And alas, it was the 12 Wonderful Things About The Filipino & Our Motherland. I don’t know what this means to you. But for me, it felt like too much of a coincidence that I should write to you like this since I never thought of involving my patriotism in this blog that I am using.

I have always been a silent patriotic. But I’ve never showed too much enthusiasm in showing how my love for our dear country.

I do know though that we are in moments of crisis. Or should I say that we have always been?

Alas, I do not agree. We have not always been. For we have once been a country full of passion and courage to live and die for country. Okay, I know, I know, it’s the old boring line.

A boring line that consists the reality on how we have achieved this freedom that others have yet to attain for. And yet here we are, complaining about the trash that Philippines had turned out to be, dreaming of a life away and unsupported by the country that has cared for us as a child.

What have happened to us? What is it that have diluted our mind? Is it yearning to be at the top that had led us here? Or is it the utter disgust for the caring self that Filipinos have potrayed that led them to be lowly in other countries?

Which one is it, my dear friend?

Or have you forgotten the pledge that we made as a child whenever we sang the Lupang Hinirang?

Let us bring back the patriotism in our hearts. We have endless possibilities to make in our future.

Nevermind that the government is going through a lot of stuff that you would rather not hear about.

Nevermind that some of the others might not like our own 3rd World Country.

Nevermind that your other fellow filipino would rather eat a malansang isda rather than adore our country.

Make a difference. How?

Start by your own lives. Live a truthful life. Support Filipino products. Appreciate our culture. Encourage others to live the same.

And when others discourage you? Never back down.


I will stand by you in this,

Dyanne Pauline

P.S. If you’re wondering why I wrote this in English even though I’m advocating patriotism in our country, remember that I wrote this for a daily prompt. And if you’re wondering if ever this was even written with the truest of my feelings, do not doubt for one second because I have always written with the wholeness of my heart.

Do not worry though. If this goes viral, I would translate this into Filipino for our other fellow Filipino youth as well who would rather read this in Filipino. (Although I doubt that it would truly reach a lot. Nevertheless, I’m terribly glad to have reached you at least. For two persons are never too few to make a difference, right?


8 responses to “A Letter To My Fellow Young Filipinos

      • Oh dear, I’ve never considered politics. I might stay with inspiring people in various aspects though. 🙂

        Now that you’ve point out about that, I can see now how this letter could touch the stories of the people of other countries as well. Thank you for pointing that one out! 😀


  1. I used to be really optimistic about our country. I was one of those “change the country!” girls in high school. I went to college with a mindset that whatever I’ll turn out to be, I’m going to do my darnest to make this country better.

    I still believe in doing whatever I can for the country. I vote, I follow street rules, I keep myself informed–but it makes me so sad and hopeless because I know that all of my actions will not affect the grand scheme of things. That no matter how hard I work for this country, no matter how honest I am with my taxes, I will still end up a victim of the system. The middle class will always end up being victims of the upper class (too abusive) and the lower class (does not know who to vote for)

    If you asked me three years ago if I ever want to migrate to somewhere else, I’d probably respond with a flat out no. Now, that definite no is now a maybe. 😦


    • Ahh yes, this is true. A lot of us actually have this patriotism burning in our hearts as we step into the big world. Sadly, it diffuses as we realize the weight of the problem and how little we could in fact change these problems.

      However there would truly be no great impact if every one of us backs down each and everytime. That’s why I’m so glad to hear that I am not alone in this. 🙂

      Don’t worry, being patriotic doesn’t necessarily mean that we should stay here forever ’cause our country itself and its ancestors have taught us to always reach for our dreams. Theirs is for our freedom, ours could be anything we like since we are now free. What we simply have to remember is to stay true to our country even from afar.

      You could support Filipino products from anywhere you’d like to be then encourage your fellow Filipinos there to do the same. In effect, this would help even for a little our economy. You could also just simply appreciate and encourage others to do the same. As long as everyone who’s have had their patriotism from the start wouldn’t let their fire burn out, then theirs more hope.

      Oops, this just got too long. Lol. Stay strong Ate Redg! 😀


      • HALA don’t call me ate 😥 Hahaha. Redg is fine.

        On second though, I don’t think I’ll migrate. I’ll miss the food…and the beer. I heard from my friend in the US that American beer is NOTHING compared to ours. LOL


      • But I thought it would be a good ending thought. 😦 hahaha okay okay 😀

        Really? Well now, that’s something we can’t miss! Hahaha. Joke. I haven’t even tried ’em that much. :))


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