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This first appeared in Insecurities Away, an inspirational blog that I also started but I am about to shut down in a week.

My dearest followers,

Alas, it is time again.

As a blogger, I know that you know that it’s only natural to be transferring again and again until you find your real safe haven.

But still. I am ashamed. Ashamed to tell you of another transfer I’m about to make.

I’ve lived for almost my whole life as a two-faced woman. A woman who shows too much of her good side and less of the real evil inside her.

However as I later on realized, I do not want to be like this. Living a simple life wherein you live as who you truly are and meant to be (in which surely we were never meant to be an evil person) is the most valid way to gain happiness.

And since I am a human, I too am a natural advocate of happiness.

This is why I’d like to remain true to myself. And live one true identity.

This is why I have to tell you once again that I’m transferring my blog to Her Other Lovely Sides.

Ah yes. Confused on why my new blog’s name is “Her Other Lovely Sides” when I’m advocating the thing to live with one true identity?

It is because I would like people to learn to appreciate their various sides through my exploration with mine as well.

For we are made unique, my dear friends.

That we must accept that we have different varying sides of ourselves that we must learn to appreciate.

For doesn’t a box contains different various sides as well? But we do not say that it is a different box when we choose to look at the other side of the box than the one we were previously looking at. It is still the same box.

So there you go, my dear followers.

Follow if you want. Decline if you must.
I still love you all whatever you choose to do.

But remember that you would see a varying side of me there. But of course I would still more often than not hope to inspire you in every side I display.

For isn’t it the main reason that I started to blog?

To inspire you through it all.

For you are special. And you don’t need to feel insecure.

For you are wonderful in your own uniqueness.

But this time, I shall help inspire you to be less insecure by looking at the positive light.

That despite your varying personalities, you are human. You are amazing.

Written with love by your most biggest fan,
Dyanne x

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8 responses to “New to Her Other Lovely Sides? Start here.

  1. Hi Dyanne, I also found myself creating a new blog because my other one has been quite self-incriminating. Cheers to moving on to a “new identity” 🙂


  2. I was surprised that I was no longer following your blog and found out you moved. I can see why you decided to do this change and I love what your new blog represents~! Looking forward to what your it holds in store 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh dear! I’m sorry. I didn’t want to bug my previous followers to follow this blog. I was really quite ashamed to move again at first but it turns out to be such a great move. Thank you!! I’m glad you love it too. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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