You won’t believe this!

I was nominated for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Ronovan of RONOVANWRITES! To which I am so so honored to have ’em so thank you so much. Although as much as he thinks that his former nominator is better than him, I feel the same right now. And if I could only link back this award, I would have. Very inspiring author + never fails to be a good follower. It’s like having friends in the blogging world.

Hmmm. Well, okay maybe that was believable. But come on, I still consider myself an amateur for blogging seriously for just for a month now.

My other blogging experiences were lame. It was just too personal and I never engaged with other bloggers until I started in WordPress. And I assure you, I’m so loving it here!

So anyway, here are the rules:

1.Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you.
2.List the rules and display the award.
3.Share seven facts about yourself.
4.Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
5.Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Seven facts:

1. I used to be an Architecture Student but since I was longing for being true to who I am + I knew that I could give more in another thing if I don’t stay there, I transferred to Multimedia Arts. So you people who knows they’re at the wrong program, shut the others out and go chase your dreams. You’re not alone in this anyway.

2. I’ve got my eyes on being a life coach in the future which is actually the reason why I was able to get up from the one of the worst challenges I’ve ever had.

3. I’m a bummer for all things cute + cuddly.

4. I’m an aspiring writer too. Wanna write something like Mitch Albom’s stuffs.

5. Well, Thank you very much Ryan, you may now go over there. As Ryan said, yeap I’m an intern. I’m a Graphic Designer Intern + Contributing Writer at Hello Perfect.

6. I’m not a fan of Soft Ice Creams. But I could go with it.

7. I looooove eating. But I don’t get fat. Ugh

And now for the nomination, well, I never knew searching for inspiring blogs was this hard. Took me quite a while, I should say!

So I’m nominating these awesome blogs:

  1. Divya of Creativnerd
    I love her blog. It is soooo adorable. Obviously this dentist isn’t afraid to show the world that’s she’s got some creative juices running in her brains too! She’s got those DIYs and sketches that you’ll absolutely love.

  2. Aarya and Veda of Free Bird
    These two are simply fabulous. They write so things that are so deep that would help you think a lot more on whatever their topic is. What truly caught my eye though was this and this.

  3. Megan of Meganelizabethmorales
    Megan is an author who’ve have had her own struggles with epilepsy. Being a girl who’s been recently just classified as possibly to be considered as having mild epilepsy as well, I admire her for being able to push through her dreams despite awful conditions.

  4. Luna of Luna’s Imagination Igloo
    Luna believes in thinking out of the box. Even her own name says it! I love her for being artistic in all things possible and for not going with the norm. And did I say that she’s also a Filipina? Though not born here, I’m glad to have come across someone who’s not afraid to be different.

  5. Amber of Amber’s Deep Thoughts
    I found her through Ronovan’s list of nominees actually. But I just can’t help to pass another award for someone who truly deserves it! I have read her posts and all of it are truly amazing. I hope I would come across more inspiring bloggers like her in the future. Her home page would even engage you from your first entry to her blog already!

  6. Amanda of Inside the life of moi
    Aaah, Amanda yes. Her posts are truly adorable and true. She’s actually the reason how I finally was able to find my voice! Told you she deserves this one.

  7. Jesa of Diary of an Aurabelle
    Her continous faith in God never fails to inspire me. She’s also been such a dear to me ever since I started in WordPress. You’ll surely love her to bits!

  8. Ali of Moloney Mayhem
    She’s a mom to 4 lil’ kids in which 3 of those are actually triplets! Now add up the fact that she blogs despite all these mom stuffs, oh dear. How amazing could she be!

  9. Amber of A Hound At My Feet
    I found her first throught her very first article. I love the way she writes. It’s like I could feel her soothly talking to me.

  10. Anonymous of The Journey of Inspiring Change
    He’s actually a busy dad who’s investing in a career change slowly but surely. It amazes me how he posts weekly updates on how he’s achieving his goal to be a health, fitness and wellbeing coach.

  11. Guy Hugo of Confessions of a Hollywood Nobody
    I really don’t think that he’ll just be a Hollywood Nobody after all the hard work he’s been doing. Writing and producing and studying, oh come on. That’s already a huge progress!

  12. Lei of Leilani Lane
    A total blue addict, she’s actually new to blogging but stays put. Though she may not be posting as much, i love how they’re short and cute. Plus her whys of blogging to help laugh + smile + inspire are amazing. Don’t wane even if you’re new, dear friend. Just keep it up. ❤

  13. Kari and Lucy of Aminelle Nali
    Believing in the power of words, these two never fail to show up and give some good motivational + inspiring posts. Plus I believe that I read days ago that they were just high school students! Unbelievable. They’re too awesome, I should say.

  14. Christine of Project Light to Life
    Her bucket lists and stuff actually says it all already! Just check out her about page already and you’ll see why.

  15. Amy of Free Bird
    Amy’s kinda in tough waters right now. Nevertheless, she continues to inspire me of how well she’s coping up as well. I myself had those times which seems so alike with hers but she’s got the courage and it’s so wonderful to see her have those despite everything.

I can’t believe I was able to make this list of 15! Amazing.

So there you go! Do check out these lovely blogs. ❤

P.S. To all my followers from Insecurities Away, this is my new blog. Please do follow this blog instead if you’d like to keep following me. If not, it’s all right as well. ❤

10 responses to “You won’t believe this!

  1. Hi Dyanne..I am sooo sorry for not seeing this earlier. Thanks for nominating me. I will post asa possible and send a link to you.
    And thanks for loving my blog. Mwah. 🙂


  2. Thank you soooo soo much ! and I am sooooooo sorry fro now replying! And yes we are high school students :p Actually we finished this year :p

    Here’s my seven facts:
    1) I love the beach
    2) My favourite colour is black
    3) I really like animals and feel bad when something happen to them or see them live in poor conditions
    4) I believe family is very important and will do almost anything to stay on good terms with my family. even lie!
    5) I weigh less than 100 pounds (maybe even less than 90, haven’t checked in a while) and I do NOT think it is a good thing! I’m underweight!!
    6) My favourite food is pelau
    7) The only makeup I own are eyeliner and lipgloss.


  3. What a wonderful award! I love the memes!
    Thankyou for ‘finding’ me – I feel very special to have made your list of 15.
    I love blogging – it is an outlet and a great sense of joy. Watching my little blog slowly grow – it’s like a another child!
    I will go check out the other 14 blogs now!
    Thanks again Dyanne – I feel very honoured!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oooh! You got me first. I was just about to warn you. (Just in case you didn’t like these awards stuff.)
      Of course I’ll find you! Your posts about your family are simply adorable. Wow so it’s like you’re managing 5 kids now, that’s a lot like ours.
      Okay, have fun! Oh btw, I’m using a different blog now and will be shutting down the other one. Hope you don’t mind following this one instead!
      I’m so honoured to have met you as well. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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