Weekly Inspirational Photo #1: Rooting Ourselves At The Present

Hey guys! For those of you who’ve just been around, you did notice that I have a corner for the Weekly Inspirational Photos, right? Well, guess what? It doesn’t end there, lovelies! I’ve decided to start some series ’round here in my blog. So, yeap, I’ll be placing An Inspirational Photo each week that I’ll link up with 3-4 articles/videos/projects for further inspirations. Is it cool or is it cool? 😉

I’d like to think that I’m perfectly happy with my life. But I am not. I am not alarmed though for we all certainly have this tendency to look for something more.

I for one, have so much big dreams. Sometimes I still crave, well okay, almost all the time, I still crave for something more. Something fantastic. Something BIG.

Ahhh, but you know what this attitude kills?

It kills the fun!

It kills the beauty of pursuing your dream.

Imagine: If we were to attain our dream in the same instant that we decide that we would like to attain it, would you still remember it years from now?

I don’t think so.

So cease the moment, my dear friend. Your adventure does not start from reaching THE DREAM. It starts now.

And so you’ll just remember this without just skipping ahead and worrying about the next big thing, here are my awesome inspirational finds that I’d like to share with you.

How To Be Present And Still Plan For The Future

I have only watched one please mind the ‘one’ there! of Miss Marie Forleo’s video and I’m already lovin’ it! It’s like me putting memes on serious stuffs! Oooh, maybe she’s actually a future me! Oh come on, I was just kidding.

So anyway, this one is most especially for those dreamseekers and awesome goal setters like me. Now, we know you’ve already found out the big I wanna do this! or I’m so excited for this! moment in your life but woah there girl! Just leave out the worrying alright? A little planning will do.

So what are you waiting for?

Click this now to get to the portal to that cool serious but not that serious awesome video I’m talkin’ about!

Positively Present

This simple but loud-in-its-own-unique-way website of Dani Dipirro truly speaks a lot.

We could never truly live happily for the future nor for the past. Whatever it is, you certainly won’t want to stay in that ugly old past or wonderfully brilliant future or vice versa.

Browse her site for you must really stay in the present ’cause this is an awesome ride inspirationals.

Why the Grass is Never Greener and How to Be Happy Today

An Excerpt:

But whenever you feel yourself losing focus and wondering about where you’ll be happy next, bring yourself back to the present, look at what you already have, look around you and enjoy the moments that are happening right now.

Aaaah, definitely saving the best for the last.

This one speaks not only to you (I’m assuming it did or would or whatever) but also to me.

I have a confession.

These past few days, I’ve been thinking of moving my blog to another platform. Again.

Where? On Tumblr

Why? Because I’m cravin’ for more interaction with Filipino Bloggers as well.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my wordpress buddies so well! Like this guy who gives writing tips so well and this woman who gives her readers such a sweet twist in her writings and most especially this sweet girl who I love talking with on twitter. They’re all definitely so awesome!

But since we’ve got the mindset to always crave for something more, I was actually thinking of a great green grass that I already have!

You see what I mean? Well, thank you to this awesome post right here for making my mind clear.

Anyway, there are means to connect with my fellow awesome Filipino bloggers like those tiny lil’ buttons down here on my blog + my extended blog on tumblr to connect with these lovely people!

So you see, if there’s a way, there’s a way. If not, then realize that your disposition is already wonderful and it’s just waiting for you to appreciate it.

Now, head out and check out this article that wonderfully moved me.

And let’s stop for looking for greener grass out there. Whatever this “greener grass” may be for you, a place, a job, a partner, a family, a community. Believe: We already have them dear.

Oooh, but don’t get me wrong all right? Looking at the past or planning for the future are all awesome moves. But too much? Now that ain’t what we should spend our present with.

Don’t tatter your present with your future nor with your past, all right?

And just so you remember:



4 responses to “Weekly Inspirational Photo #1: Rooting Ourselves At The Present

  1. I’ll be certain to pop back here from time to time for inspiration. You have pointed to some great posts too. Thanks. (from another ex-architecture student)


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