My Perspectives On Love

Well, Well, Well. I guess it’s time to bring back this ol’ 30 day challenge!

Hmm… Love… I’m not really sure what to say about this.

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for quite a while already, you’ll know I’ve been in quite an amount of ride. But I still do believe in true love.

But not all true love are in the aspect of romantic love.

There’s also our love:

For our friends.

Eeep! That’s totally me! I am sooo glad my friends still do accept me despite my quirkiness.

Oh, but I do have my worst times. Those times I was sulking and everything? Oh dear, you wouldn’t even imagine!

It’s a shame though that I would have to leave my friends from college to chase the right dreams I have.

But what are we gonna do. People do come and go in our life anyway. So if you do have those precious friends with you right now, cherish ’em dearie! You never know when they’ll have to move away.

For our families.

Awww, this is a cutie! I do belong in a large family. I think. Does having 5 children large enough for you? Well then, we fit right in there!

My family’s a bunch of varieties.

My mom’s the boss of the house. The sweetest thing I’ve ever had. She’s got patience the size of the sun! Uh, fine. Maybe not that huge. Just maybe.

My dad’s the boss of the rules. Dad. Dad. Dad. No, I actually call him Papa. Means the same thing ya know. And well, to describe him, he’s the best mixture of choleric and sanguine. Pretty much juggles both pretty well!

My first younger brother is the ultimate tall guy. This. Is. So. Unfair. He’s even taller than my dad. Oh, what will happen to me now? * cries *

My sister’s an awesome singer. And I’ve been pushing her to start makingg youtube videos already! I tell you she’s awesome. A shame I didn’t inherit enough singing skills from my dad as her.

My second younger brother’s a super duper because-I-don’t-have-anything-to-do-I’ll-clean-the-house kid. Now what kid does that in this generation? I’m pretty sure they’re quite rare!

My youngest brother is my intelligent but sarcastic baby bro. Oh no, don’t tell him I called him a baby! I’ll surely get some scolding from him. He likes being an adult like us. Such a cute one, isn’t he?

And for our God.

Whatever yours might be.

I don’t really understand why people have to keep on bashing one another’s faith. Like hello, don’t you guys have other things to do?

But anyway, just keep off each other’s tracks and do your own thing.

And well going back to romantic love

I believe in its beauty.

I believe in the person I would marry someday.

I believe in the love that we would share.

Despite the obstacles, the hardships, and the struggles.

And whomever he may be,

A friend from the past,

A colleague from the present,

Or a stranger from the future,

I know our time hasn’t come yet.

But I won’t be waiting. Heh.

I’m sorry, but life’s too short to just wait for you, love!

I’ll be kicking up to be the best that I could be for everyone and for me.

Not really just for you. πŸ˜‰

Well, that is if I’m unto that stage. Woops.

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