Weekly Inspirational Photo #2: Your Last Few Days

Hey folks, I have decided that i could not by far include too much links since life’s suddenly keeping me busy with school coming up and woah. I’ll make a new feature for links sometime instead. Yay or nay?

Last Friday, it came to my knowledge the BIG Terrible News.

Yes. It’s Big. It’s Terrible. It’s News.


I learned that my oh-so-lovable-that-I-could-consider-her-one-of-my-favorites-but-we-were-raised-to-give-equal-love-to-our-loved-ones-so-no-she’s-not-exactly-my-favorite-but-close Ninang (that means Godmother to you, folks) got some timebomb thing in her delicate body.

I’m not sure with yours but I’ve never had someone that close to me leave me just yet. So these past few days, I’ve been seeing my father’s family going through all sorts of discussion.

And you know what they talked about the most? That it’s time to accept the truth that the moment has almost come. That it’s time to simply accept it.

Cause even if my Ninang undergoes surgery, her body is already too fragile to be able to come out of the surgery well enough. But yes of course, we’re still going to try.

With every rush that has happened, it got me thinking that woah, what if it was me? What if it was you? What would you do?

Would we still be doing this crappy work we’ve been doing all this time? Or would we give our bestinstead?

Would we still be complaining on the little things? Or be grateful for the another day that we were given to be alive?

Would we still stay on being in this job wherein we lose a lot of time to spend it with our loved ones? Or take the risk in being able to create the job we love with the comfort of being with our loved ones as well?

What would you do that you aren’t doing now?

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