Dear Dyanne #1: On Your Second 1st Day Of College

This is a new series. Oh, yeah. I know. I’ve got too many series in my blog already. This one would be different though. I’ll post on it once  in a while, whenever I feel like doing so. Its main goal would simply be to write a letter to myself to encourage myself on whatever struggle I am going through at the moment. In that way, I would not only be able to vent out but motivate myself as well! ‘Cause you know, I’m not really a fan of venting out too much. Eek! Too dramatic for me!


Dear Dyanne,


I know you’re getting creeped out by the fact that there’s only TWO days left to start anew in your new (obviously) college. You’re even getting intimidated by all the amazing younger photographers, designers, and artists that you’ll encounter.

But don’t be silly. You came in this course because you simply wanted to learn the art of design in multimedia. You came to this point to learn. Should I repeat that again?

I know you might not be that overly good in arts, that sometimes you fail to have the right eye to see the beauty in those areas. But you have the beauty of seeing and developing a concept beyond what is known. And I’d like you to remember that.

Your views had always been unique. This is your strength. Hold on to that.  Because art isn’t just about what is displayed. There is something more to it than that.

Yes, there would be hardwork, diligence and time exerted on the piece but the uniqueness of your concept is what will bring you to places.

Remember the time when you discovered that your concepts weren’t actually quite accepted in your former school because their methods were too traditional for you? You’ll still encounter them here on forth even if you’re already in a much more liberated kind of school.

Being different is okay. Starting out with nothing is okay.

Atleast you know your strengths to have the knowledge of where to focus on. Atleast you know your weaknesses to have knowledge of where to strive more.

Your hardworkdiligence, and wisdom will bring you farther to places.

Believe in yourself, my friend as you’ve always said when you were in your sixth grade.


Always believing in you,

Your inner self




4 responses to “Dear Dyanne #1: On Your Second 1st Day Of College

  1. Wow! Art school. If I could repeat college all over again, I’d pick that one for sure. Anyway, that is a great letter to yourself. You might wanna read SHOW YOUR WORK by AUstin Kleon. As he said, “Be an amateur.” Everybody started out that way. 🙂 Enjoy college and rock it!

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