So Let Me Tell You How Dreadfully.. Oops! Read this to know!

Sooooo, are you getting curious yet on what made me disappear like a wild cat in the dark night for a week and a half?

Well, let’s wait no more ’cause I sure can’t wait to share ’em either!

Let’s just make it short.

It. Was. A. Blast.

You know those things when you finally feel like you’re home?

Yep, I felt exactly like that.

That finally, I’m in the place where I belong.

Let’s list the reasons why I feel like Mapua (Mapua’s the name of the college I’m transferred into) is that home I’ve been looking for in the past two years.


  1. Traditional Schooling is practically not for me.
  2. I would not deny that my previous home was too traditional for me.

    What do I mean by traditional?

    Oh, nothing much. Just those follow the usual rules, uniforms, and ahhhhh just too many rules.

    I’m just not built-in for schools that gives you everything. I’m more like ‘imma do this my way’.

    So, to all those senior high school students out there who are still planning on where to go this coming school year or whenever, remember to take in some thought on how you would like your school to be. Are you much more compatible with makin’ your own decisions? Or do you want it all layed out for you already? Do you like taking a transport to school? Or do you prefer walking it away?

    Choose well. ‘Cause as much as i would recommend transferring schools or shifting courses to chase your dreams & passions, it would still be so much better if you get into it a lot earlier. Isn’t it?


  3. I started it with a bang.
  4. You know those times when we tend to shy away to people on those first meetings? Well, I surely did throw that thing away when I entered that school!

    I was always like, “Hey, how are you? What’s your name? Where’s your province?” and so on and so forth.

    I totally met so many great great friends that I still totally forget some of their names. Eek! Don’t worry guys. My heart still do remember you.


  5. This time, I own this place.
  6. There was no more I did this ’cause I think it was good or whatever small little thing I wanna excuse my act for.

    This time, I did it because I wanted to. For me, for the people I love and for the people I’ll serve through my work.

    I simply choose not be a lousy architect but to be a great multimedia artist.


And all that I do from here and forth, are my stories.


Photo Sources: 1, 2, 3


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