I’m back on the road again and let me tell you why.

It’s too funny that I used to hate fellow bloggers who turns into a white stone to disappear all too suddenly.

When I myself would actually do so as well!

Lame me, I know.

But let me tell you now what made me come back alive and kickin’ (yes, this means, I’ll be wiggling around to pesker you all again with my lovely words. Haha! Kidding. But you know I’ll be out there again.)

Blogging proved to be my own stress reliever

This is totally me for what? The last three months! My new school actually proved to be more time-consuming, energy-consuming, life-consuming, sleep-consuming and every-thing-else-consuming.

Yep, it was that hard. Add up the fact that I joined the Student Council of our own department soo eek! Totally no time left for myself already.

I was just that stressed that one time I wanted to just scream and cry out all the stress. There were always papers to be written, films to be done, things to be signed, that were all always due every other day. It was all like snap snap snap and boom! First term is almost over.

It was around that time (which was actually just last week) then that I kept pondering and hunting for that stress reliever that would make me go woah, yea sure let’s get this down! kinda thing.

And let me tell you this, I actually tried everything. From eating lots and lots of food to dancing with my friends through this game called the dance central to reading nonfiction books that was totally unrelated to any school work I had at the moment to even just sitting around!

Nothing worked.

So I went backed to skimming around until I came across to my blog once again.

And that was when it hit me. This has truly turned out to be my safe haven. This is where my fears and dreams have always been contained. This is where my healing and courage have once rooted upon. This is where I’m meant to come back.

Soo, here I am. And will be, finally back for real.

And just so to prove that I’m totally on the road again, I’ll be bringing up my inspirational board update in a few hours which as some of you might remember (i hope, eek) is actually under my 18 while 18 list of goals. It would also include my calendar and of course my official blogging calendar.

So hola! Can’t wait to read and be updated with all you guys as well. πŸ˜€

P.S. I did take a bath everyday, stressed as I was. Sooo, don’t go thinking that I smell as the smelliest animal already, alright?

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6 responses to “I’m back on the road again and let me tell you why.

  1. Here here. Blogging is AWESOME stress relief. Feeling like I want to punch myself in the face with a wall? Blog about something. Sharing your pain with the interwebs is vulnerable… but oh so empowering. And with that…

    Welcome back! πŸ˜€


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