Dear Dyanne #3: On Being A Multimedia Student


Dear Dyanne is a series where in its main goal would simply be to write a letter to myself to encourage myself on whatever struggle I am going through at the moment. In that way, I would not only be able to vent out but motivate myself as well. ‘Cause you know, I’m not really a fan of venting out too much. Eek! Too dramatic for me!

Dear Dyanne,

I know it’s been hard for you these days. People judge ‘cause you shifted courses. People think you’re always free cause multimedia for them is way easier than architecture. People are more bent on breaking you ‘cause you seem a lot more confident.

It’s a wicked world, I know. Now you’ve been even opened to a world full of gossips. It’s hard to identify who your friends are. If these people talk behind your back and such. What could you do, it’s a showbiz kind of world. Every one knows everything. Every one talks about everything.

But don’t let these things eat you up. Remember that in all these chaos. Order is also somewhere there. There are still people who has values. There is still hope in this breaking world.

I know you dream of having a surrounding that’s at peace with each other. But darling, you have to stay strong. How could you help influence people to be better when you yourself gets all messed up with just a pinprick of this cruel world?

You have to stay strong. You have to toughen up. Don’t let them soften you up. You didn’t come to this world with that kind of heart. ‘Cause I remember how you were from before. You were that gal who doesn’t care what other people say. You were that beach who was bent on proving people you did the right choice. You were that rebel who knew that nothing could stop her from reaching her dreams.

You were are fearless. You were are bold. You were are awesome.

Remember that love,

Your inner self


4 responses to “Dear Dyanne #3: On Being A Multimedia Student

  1. It’s enough space for everybody on this planet.. for the good ones, for the bad ones… just be yourself… don’t push yourself too hard to be strong, allow yourself to be weak also.. you’ll discover amazing things about you 🙂 Take care and smile!! Life is only one! 🙂


  2. Hi Dyanne! That’s right. Don’t let the world beat you up. They think MMA is easy? It’s not! Very few people have the tenacity to hold on to MMA and you deserve applause for that (clap clap) I salute you dear for taking up the course that you love (you love it right?) and that’s what’s important. 🙂


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