100 Happy Days

I have never actually finished listing my 100 happy days. I have tried it twice but I’ve never even reached halfway.

And so, I’m really really hoping and really really will definitely finish this this time.

  1. Las Pinas bagyo trip with my MAS101-1 Grp 3 Buddies.

June Challenge: Introduce yourself

Hmm. This should probably be flagged down as Pending Projects. Lol.

I’m halfway here and I was still hoping to finish it. (I’m on no. 18 already.) So I’m transferring it here.

However, I might not follow the said dates anymore as I find it hard to topple down two blog challenges as a time. It brings down the quality of the post, ya know.

Aaaand, I’d rather not do that.

But I will post this according to their order on wherever I left.
Here’s a link for my previous posts.

Thank you so much for understanding!

Much love. Dyanne x


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